2014 Ford Flex

  Very few vehicles make a styling statement as much as the 2014 Ford Flex does. When you see one, it is unmistakable because of its unique lines. You know right away that you are looking at one of the most fully functioning and capable SUVs ever built. As with most models, there are a few different trims available for your consideration. Whatever trim you decide upon, the 2013 Ford … [Read more...]

2014 Ford Focus Electric

If you’re looking to go green without sacrificing features or style, then the eco-friendly 2014 Ford Focus Electric might be the car for you. The electric model of this popular offering has the same compact yet futuristic appearance as its siblings in the Focus line, but it is entirely powered by a lithium ion battery system. Because it produces no tailpipe pollutants and is incredibly … [Read more...]

2014 Ford F-150

If your current car or truck just doesn't make the cut, stop by our Waterford Ford dealership to test-drive the 2014 Ford F-150. It makes an excellent year-round vehicle, but drivers in our state especially appreciate the truck's winter-friendly features. The new Ford F-150 offers you four engine options, with the innovative 3.5L EcoBoost direct-injection, twin-turbo engine delivering a … [Read more...]

Go Green At Suburban Ford of Waterford

At Suburban Ford of Waterford, we understand how much our choices impact the environment. That's why we’re proud to offer a wide selection of Ford vehicles. Ford is aiming to be more green every day. Its modern models already include a variety of advanced technologies that reduce environmental impact, and the company is working to come up with greener products and practices with every new … [Read more...]

2014 Ford Fiesta Movement

It's time to celebrate! Not only is the 2014 Ford Fiesta on its way, the Fiesta Movement is here in Waterford, and you could be chosen to join the team. Curious? Well, read on.If you've ever wanted to be a special agent carrying out extremely important secret missions, let the folks at Ford Fiesta Mission Control know you're out there. They are still in search of 100 Fiesta agents — that could … [Read more...]