2014 Ford Flex


2014 Ford Flex in Waterford

Very few vehicles make a styling statement as much as the 2014 Ford Flex does. When you see one, it is unmistakable because of its unique lines. You know right away that you are looking at one of the most fully functioning and capable SUVs ever built.

As with most models, there are a few different trims available for your consideration. Whatever trim you decide upon, the 2013 Ford Flex delivers. Take, for example, the Flex Limited which is available with the Ecoboost® engine. This little V6 powerhouse delivers big V8 horsepower from a smaller, more economical six-cylinder engine.

Ford Flex 2014 near Waterford

The Ecoboost® engine combines different technologies, such as turbocharging and precision fuel injection, to maximize power. The result is a whopping 365 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. What’s more, even though the Ford Flex Limited is a big seven passenger vehicle producing V8 power, it still gets respectable fuel economy. The Limited boasts a combined MPG of 18.

The Flex Limited is the standard in luxury. There are many amenities that come on the Ford Flex Limited right off the showroom floor. For example, the Limited comes standard with rain-detecting wipers. The wipers can detect moisture the second it hits your windshield — and turns them on automatically. This technology doesn’t stop there, however, because wiper speed is also adjusted accordingly.

Ford Flex 2014 for sale

Also standard on the Flex Limited (and available on other models) is the backup camera that switches on instantly when you put the gear shift in reverse. This is great, because — let’s face it — seven-passenger vehicles are bigger than the average car. Backing them up sometimes can be a challenge. Having an extra set of eyes back there helps take the guesswork out of it.

No matter the package you select for your Ford Flex, this vehicle makes a bold statement: You are not willing to be confined by the usual. To schedule a test drive, or to fall in love with your next car, contact our Waterford Ford dealer for more information about the 2014 Ford Flex.