2014 Ford Focus Electric

If you’re looking to go green without sacrificing features or style, then the eco-friendly 2014 Ford Focus Electric might be the car for you.

2014 Ford Focus Electric in Waterford

The electric model of this popular offering has the same compact yet futuristic appearance as its siblings in the Focus line, but it is entirely powered by a lithium ion battery system.

Because it produces no tailpipe pollutants and is incredibly energy-efficient, the Focus Electric is a conscientious way to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying the latest and greatest Ford features.

With gas going up there is no better time to consider the benefits of driving an earth-friendly vehicle. Even the interior of the 2013 Focus Electric is eco-friendly, but it doesn’t feel any less luxurious. The seat fabric, made from REPREVE fiber, uses 100 percent recycled materials, and the cushions are a bio-based foam made from plant seed oils.

Don’t let the Focus Electric’s compact size fool you. The car comfortably seats five people, with plenty of added features for a comfortable ride. Choose from seven different colors of ambient lighting, and enjoy convenient iTunes tagging, plus a standard Sony audio system with HD Radio. Optional SYNC with MyFord Touch technology allows you to easily stay connected while keeping your eyes on the road by allowing you to connect to mobile devices, music and navigation features.

2014 Ford Focus Electric in Waterford

Ford’s advanced technology makes charging your eco-friendly 2014 Focus Electric a breeze, with a blue light indicator that shows when your car is connected and charging. Use the MyFord Mobile app on your smartphone to monitor and schedule charges, and locate the nearest charging stations. Driving in normal traffic allows you to go even longer between charges, by capturing more than 90 percent of energy lost through the friction brakes.

If you’re thinking green this spring, the Focus Electric may have the blend of efficiency, comfort and features you are looking for. We are proud to offer this game-changing car at the  Ford dealer near Waterford, so come down for a test drive and see what all the fuss is about.