Tips to Cool Down Your Car’s Interior in Waterford Michigan


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Summer Heat

When you get into your car on a hot day, its interior can be uncomfortably stifling. Your car’s interior temperature rises when the sun’s rays shine through the windshield and windows, converting into heat within the vehicle.

The trapped air can heat within only a few minutes, according to Road & Travel Magazine. The heat may burn your hands as you try to grip your steering wheel and you may sweat against hot seats. Beat the heat by using a sunshade, steering wheel cover, or air conditioner.

Car Sunshade

Try using a sunshade on your car’s front windshield the next time you park it outdoors. It blocks the sun’s rays to reduce the interior temperature. Your steering wheel, dashboard, and seats all remain cool.

Car sunshades are low-cost. Simply measure your windshield before the purchase to get the right-sized shade for your vehicle; common materials are cardboard, nylon, or polyester.

Steering Wheel Cover

On a hot day, avoid burning your hands on your steering wheel with a cover. A fabric steering wheel cover is useful to own. The fabric protects the wheel from the heat, making it comfortable against your grip.

Choose a wheel cover that matches your steering wheel; options include 3-spoke and 4-spoke covers. Patterned covers or solid shades are available.

Air out Your Vehicle

If your car interior is hot, take a few minutes to open the doors or roll down the windows. This will release hot air trapped inside your vehicle and increases air circulation.

If your vehicle has an air conditioner, use it to cool your car interior. Set the unit to “fresh air” for a few minutes before turning it to “maximum.” The A/C sequence provides the burst of cool air you need.

The above tips are options when you cannot park your car in the shade to keep its inside a comfortable temperature. Whenever you need expert vehicle advice, our  Waterford Ford dealership is here for you. Give us a call today or come to our dealership in person to speak with our friendly staff.