Top Ford Salesperson In America – Our Very Own Laurie Moses!

The number one Ford salesperson in the U.S. is none other than our very own Laurie Moses! Laurie Moses  The owner of Suburban Collection celebrates any time a salesperson across our 30 dealerships sells at least 200 vehicles. With that in mind we have plenty to celebrate about, since Moses has more than doubled that number, selling  559 vehicles! This number is what makes her the best Ford salesperson in the whole entire country.

When Moses was asked to reveal her secret, she said “There isn’t something that I could write down and teach you, or anyone else that’s starting the business. Because it’s just me. It’s my personality. It’s the way I think I maybe make it more fun. I really don’t know, but I treat people the way I want to be treated. It’s really that simple.”

Her sales record is almost all referrals and repeats, no fleet sales are included in this number. Moses is currently on track to top 600 vehicle sales this year. “She’s a machine,” said Don Marotta (who has been working with Moses for a decade), our new car sales manager.

“She works the minute she gets here to the minute she leaves, and she has nicest personality — just what good salesperson should be.” Moses gives credit to her “wonderful following” of clients. “I love the customers and the wonderful relationships I’ve made,” she said.

It also helps that Moses grew up around Ford cars, “My dad got a new Ford almost every year,” she said. “The early days of selling cars wasn’t easy”, she said. “It was more difficult when I didn’t have regular clients. I had to prove I knew as much as the man who sat next to me”.

Her experience now pays off for her,“Now the trust is there and customers know I know what I’m talking about”.  Moses advises not giving up to those who are  considering vehicle sales as a career. “It’s tough. There is a lot of rejection. I see a lot of people give up and go do something else but they will never get to where I’m at (by quitting),” she said.

Moses went on to say “You have to have a good attitude. Even if a customer buys a car at another location, after all you might see them again in a couple years.” Moses also praises Ford products as another reason for her high sales.“They keep the customers happy,” she said.

Moses enthusiastically went on to say, “No one day working is the same as the previous one so I’m always on my toes”, “I’m excited to come to work.” If you are looking for a great car buying experience & want to work with Moses be sure to stop by Suburban Ford of Waterford, where our customers always come first!