Go Green At Suburban Ford of Waterford

Ford Hybrid Interior at Subruban Ford of Waterford

At Suburban Ford of Waterford, we understand how much our choices impact the environment. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide selection of Ford vehicles. Ford is aiming to be more green every day. Its modern models already include a variety of advanced technologies that reduce environmental impact, and the company is working to come up with greener products and practices with every new release.

Take, for example, Ford’s efforts to reduce the amount of vehicle waste sent to landfills. Between 2007 and 2011, the company reduced the amount of waste per vehicle by 40 percent.


Never one to rest on its laurels, Ford drafted a new global waste reduction plan aimed at reducing this number by another 40 percent, which would bring the waste-per-vehicle ratio down to 13.4 pounds. This is just one example of Ford’s commitment to the reduce-reuse-recycle philosophy, which can be seen throughout every aspect of the company, from its vehicles to its manufacturing facilities.

Ford C-Max Hybrid 2013 interior

Ford is aiming to be more green in the future, but they already offer some pretty great eco-friendly options. Its impressive lineup of hybrid and electric vehicles includes five models: the Fusion Hybrid SE, C-Max Hybrid SEL, C-Max Energi, Fusion Energi SE and Focus Electric. The Fusion SE and C-Max SEL hybrids get an EPA-estimated 47 miles per gallon—both on the  highway and in the city.

Think that can’t be beat? Think again. The Ford Focus Electric gets an amazing 110 MGPe in the city, earning it the title of “the most fuel-efficient compact car in America.” It offers zero-emissions driving and an all-around green design. Drive one of these babies, and you’ll be a green role model while also saving green at the pump.

ybrids 2014

Not ready to go electric? Try the 2014 Ford Fusion, which utilizes a unique castor oil-based foam in its instrument panel. Because it’s plant based, this special foam reduces the use of petroleum-based fossil fuel, while increasing durability and improving look and feel.

Come and see us in Waterford to learn more about how Ford is aiming to be green, and give one of Ford’s environmentally conscious designs a test drive.