My Ford Touch

MyFord Touch WaterfordTechnology has come a long way since the car phones of the 1980s and 1990s. Today’s driver is more likely to carry a smartphone, PDA or other device to help keep in touch with the outside world. Toying with a touchscreen or small QWERTY keyboard buttons is a safety hazard for drivers, however, so many are choosing to pocket their devices while on the road.

Enter MyFord Touch—Ford’s answer to keeping your eyes on the road while still keeping in touch. This system offers seamless integration of almost any cell phone, digital media player or PDA, and allows drivers to interact with the device by using voice commands, touchscreen inputs and more. For example, using Ford Sync technology, a text message sent to your phone can be read aloud to you, and you can reply with your voice alone. This is a much safer alternative to texting in traffic, and it’s more convenient than waiting until you reach your destination.

While the original MyFord Touch released in 2011 met with some controversy, Ford responded by coming out with an enhanced version, which made its debut on its 2013 models. Existing owners did not have to miss out, however; Ford offered no-charge upgrades to those who already had the system installed.

MyFord Touch Waterford MI

The upgraded version of the system is a large step up in many areas, offering a new, cleaner graphical interface and overall performance improvement. The upgrade boasts an improved voice recognition system, as well as improved compatibility with phones and tablets.

Audiobook lovers can enjoy new support for listening to books while driving, and drivers can also expect a more enjoyable music listening experience, with the inclusion of the Gracenote album cover art database and the latest music metadata available.

From steering wheel controls to its large touchscreen, MyFord Touch is all about interacting with your preferred mobile device in the most convenient way for you, while keeping your eyes safely on the road. If you have any questions  please feel free to contact us at Suburban Ford of Waterford. We are here to help you understand your vehicle &  its technology.